Honours In Industrial and Organisational Psychology


Major in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at undergraduate level, with an average of 65%

Completion of application form, submission of CV and letter of motivation

Psychometric testing, case study and panel interview.

Please note: Due to new regulations by the Health Professions Council of South Africa we are no longer able to accept Psychology students for our Industrial Organisational Psychology Postgraduate programmes. However Psychology students remain eligible for our Labour Relations & Human Resources postgraduate programmes. 

Duration: 1 year full time

Advanced Human Resources Management produces competent Human Resources practitioners capable of managing compensation, training and development, recruitment and selection. The course includes practical skills training and ensures students have a Human Resources repertoire that makes them highly marketable in this competitive field. Special attention is paid to compensation in the South African context.

Psychometrics introduces students to the various assessments used in the working environment. These assessments gauge employee potential, match people with jobs and assess stress levels, to mention a few applications. This course can be used as the theoretical and practical foundation for internships in the field, which can lead to registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Advanced Organisational Behaviour takes an in-depth look at the organisation from a multidisciplinary perspective, with specific focus on internationalisation. Topics such as leadership, organizational culture, organizational structure and motivation are specifically related to the way organizations operate on individual, group and macro levels. Students come away with relevant theory and expertise, equipping them to diagnose and intervene in organisational change and remedial initiatives.  Advanced Organisational Behaviour 2 addresses International Organizational Behaviour. This course allows students to develop working knowledge in fields including international market penetration, communication, ethics and diversity management. Specific attention is given to the African continent and opportunities, challenges and threats to businesses operating in this unique business environment.

Advanced Consumer Behaviour enables students to engage in market research in South Africa, fully cognizant of local conditions and relevant techniques. During the year a number of challenging research opportunities are presented, which, coupled with extensive case-studies, create graduates who are more than capable of holding their own as marketers and researchers.

Students also engage in a research project, which culminates in a treatise. This aspect of the course ensures that students learn how to work independently, with the guidance of a supervisor, and are capable of assimilating and presenting information in a scientific manner. Students can go on to publish their work, or present their findings at national conferences. This module also includes input on data analysis techniques. After students have successfully completed their treatise they should be capable of conducting independent research in the workplace. The treatise can also form the basis for further studies at master’s level.

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