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Industrial and Organisational Psychology

What did you study at the School of Industrial Psychology and Human Resources?

Ms Shelton studied her BA HRM, BA Honours Industrial Psychology, and is currently studying her MA Industrial Psychology with the School.


How many years did you study with us?

2011 - present. In December 2016 she will be graduating with her Masters.


Where have you worked?

She has been working at NMMU as a junior lecturer. To register with HPCSA as an industrial psychologist she has to complete a 12 month internship.


Where are you currently working?

At NMMU doing my second year of lecturing.


How did your studies prepare you for the workplace?

The most valuable thing my studies taught me was time management and how to cope under pressure. I learnt this mainly throughout my Honours year. My studies at NMMU made me a far more confident, and competent person.


What was the most valuable thing you learnt while studying?

I learnt an entirely different way of thinking. I learnt to think critically and be able to analyse situations.


Do you have any advice for the current students?

Try and see your studies as more than just a means to an end. View them as a journey and an opportunity for growth, maturity and self-improvement and that’s exactly what they’ll be :).