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Industrial and Organisational Psychology

What did you study at the School of Industrial Psychology and Human Resources?

Ms Sibanda studied BA Human Resource Management and BA Honours Industrial Organizational Psychology.


How many years did you study with us?

2012 - BA HRM Majored in Industrial Organizational Psychology

2015 - BA (Honours) Industrial Organizational Psychology


Where have you worked?

She had a few holiday jobs, one at Mr Video and the other at Goodfuture Trading and Projects.

In her second year she was also awarded a brief internship by the School of HRM and IOP to work at Life Health Care Mercantile Hospital and lastly worked as an assistant with her honours class in 2015 at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.


Where are you currently working?

Ms Sibanda is currently working at Ericsson South Africa, a multinational corporation that provides communication technology and services. I’ve only been working since the beginning of March 2016.


How did your studies prepare you for the workplace?

"Most of the modules I did tie in directly with the work I do within my job. My studies have provided a great foundation in what I need to understand my field of work. My honours year had a great influence on me, which I did not realise then. My honours year taught me to work hard and the ability to be flexible and time consciouness. That has been a great basis in helping me to adapt in the working environment."


What was the most valuable thing you learnt while studying?

"The most valuable thing I learnt is the power of hard work and ambition will get you far in life. Your ability to work twice as hard as the person sitting next to you will definitely set you apart."


Do you have any advice for the current students?

“Love what you do. No one can teach you passion that comes from within. I can almost guarantee you that passion and hard work will set you apart and carry you a long way. Lastly don’t rush anything, enjoy were you are right now, make the best of every moment and don’t forget to have fun.”