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Industrial and Organisational Psychology

This group worked with iGEMS to host a series of career guidance workshops at Unity in Africa. Their project had two phases:

  1. To conduct psychometric testing with the learners at Unity in Africa.
  2. Hold a career guidance workshop.

Before implementing Phase 1 the students sought out help from Prof van Niekerk. They wished to determine which battery of tests would be appropriate and in line with their goals for the project. They also attained copies of the test manuals from Prof van Niekerk.

During Phase 1 they used the tests to assess 11 Grade 12 learners at Unity in Africa. These tests were done to help determine the learners’ strengths, weaknesses and interests. The knowledge achieved at the end of Phase 1 was then used during Phase 2. Phase 2 consisted of activities of self-exploration, teamwork, communication styles, systems of influence and goal-setting exercises.

The workshop aimed at helping the learners to discover their interests and possible career options. At the end of the workshop each learner received feedback.

The group members built a relationship with iGEMS and the children at Unity in Africa.

The project gave the group members the opportunity to use their skills to help the community.

Related Information

As part of their studies the Honours students are required to do a community project. For 2016 the follwoing corporate social responisiblity projects were done:

  • Unathi Day Care Centre
  • Sinethemba Children's Care Centre
  • Unity in Africa Foundation with iGEMS and