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The Sinethemba Children’s Care Centre is located in Korsten, Port Elizabeth. The group involved with the Centre engaged in two main initiatives:

  1. The Keyhole Gardening Project which is aimed at producing high nutritional vegetables that the children can grow themselves. The keyhole gardening strategy was used because it allows for large quantities of crops to grow. The structure of the garden is ideal for crop growth even during bad weather conditions and is easy to maintain.

The purpose of vegetable garden was to help those at Sinethemba break their hunger cycle by growing vegetables, spinach, carrots, beetroot, green pepper and onion throughout the year. The children now have the knowledge to grow and maintain their vegetables as they helped the group build the keyhole garden.

To build the garden stones and bricks were collected from the dumping ground in the township. The group only had to purchase seeds as the Care Centre already had soil and fertilizer. The keyhole allows for the garden to reproduce the crops











  1. Career guidance for the Grade 11 and 12 children at the Centre was also offered. The main aim of the guidance sessions was to help the children find their interests and explore various careers and educational options.

Part of the career guidance was to help make the Grade 11 and 12 children aware of various higher education options, payments and associated costs as well as highlighting the value of higher education. The group members handed out brochures and explained the application procedure and how to apply for the funding. The group will host a refresher session for the children at the Care Centre nearer to the application closure dates.

Related Information

As part of their studies the Honours students are required to do a community project. For 2016 the follwoing corporate social responisiblity projects were done:

  • Unathi Day Care Centre
  • Sinethemba Children's Care Centre
  • Unity in Africa Foundation with iGEMS and